Python Django : Web Framework for Perfectionists with Deadlines

First of all sorry everybody, I could not write much recently as i have been busy with building a social network of quotes : QuoteSaga. Whole website is built using python web framework Django. During span of this few months i got to know great features of Django and all the packages that are readily available and easy to integrate with your application. After falling in love with Django i thought i should write about my experience with it. So in this new series on Python-Django i will share all the things i learned and all the difficulties i had during my extraordinary journey of learning web development.

When i first started off as an electronics student and passionate to learn web development …. I was just awestruck by all the technologies and frameworks that are right now being used in only web development area. There is conventional PhP, Java ( jsp ), ASP.NET that are used largely by many websites and there are most students around me who used them and recommended using one of them. But i am not much conventional kind of guy so went on and looked around a bit more and i found other amazing stuffs like : Ruby on Rails, NODE JS, Go, Erlang, Hack, Perl, Scala and many more. I was just lost. Than i got my eyes on Django. As i was already good with python i had to check it out. And once i did i have never looked back… All of the languages above has their Pros and Cons. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is what goes great with you? What goes good with your Heart! I can’t stop my self but to share some thing from Harry Potter : You don’t choose your language!! The language chooses YOU!!

So if you are like i was back than – a newbee in django than let me tell you one thing : I loved django so much because it has a great community. You easily get guides, directions, stackoverflow answers matching your query online.

There is DjangoBook. But it may get old as Django is always evolving community so i will recommend you to just go online and start with Django website. This website has great tutorials that goes through whole process of installing Django on your machine to setting up and running a django project in no time. If you are looking for something new i will encourage you to just go through this tutorial once and you will like the way everything works with django.

Hope you like it and specially checkout my new website We are building a quote community. A social network of quotes. A quote Collection For The People By The People. Hope that you will like it too !!


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